Letter to Eastern Cape Premier regarding Education

Dear Friends,


Thank you for agreeing to take part in this most important initiative to get the education of  the children of the Eastern Cape back on track. It might seem a very small step but if we speak with one voice it is possible to move mountains. Below this note are:


  1. The email addresses to which this letter is to go. It is directed at the Premier of the Eastern Cape, the Honourable Noxolo Kiviet as the person in charge of the affairs of government in our beloved province. The letter is copied to the MEC for Education, the Honourable Mandla Makupula, and the National Minister of Basic Education, the Honourable Angie Motshekga.
  2. The email addresses of all the above public representatives (their Offices).
  3. The actual letter that we need to copy and paste and dispatch to these officials.


Should you with to make any additional points to these Officials, please free to do so. We encourage constructive criticism and putting forward bold suggestions even if they are not politically correct. It is our wish that we maintain civility and humility in this whole exercise, but we also demonstrate a steely resolve to see this through. Ours is not civil obedience but a simple exercise of our democratic right as citizens to be heard by those we elected to represent us. If we do not get a response from this, we will have to send follow-up emails, faxes and even calls if we have to.


Please take that precious one or two minutes to cut and paste this letter and the email addresses, and send it in your own name.


The email addresses are as follows:


To:  nolwando.stofile@otp.ecprov.gov.za sipho.lunyawo@otp.ecprov.gov.za  (Premier’s Secretary and Chief of Staff respectively)

CC:  mabua.s@dbe.gov.za nomandla.gobeni@edu.ecprov.gov.za

BCC:  imfundo.easterncape@gmail.com


Nomalanga Mkhize, Unathi Kondile and Songezo Zibi


Dear Premier,

CC: Minister Motshekga, MEC Makupula

RE: Education Crisis in the Eastern Cape

My name is ———————————–. I am a South African citizen who is increasingly dismayed by the poor state of education administration and teaching in the Eastern Cape. I was momentarily relieved last year when the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga decided to intervene in terms of Section 100 of the Constitution. To my utter dismay, I have since learnt that this intervention was initially rejected outright by various political players in the province causing a great deal of confusion over who was in charge of what competencies in the department. This confusion culminated in a four week go-slow by teachers, creating havoc for learners in the province.

For a province with limited or no industrial activity in most parts, where unemployment and poverty are rampant, one would think that education is the most valued endeavour by the authorities. Properly educating the children of the province would be the only way of giving them an opportunity to secure a better life within and outside the province; but over the years, for various reasons this has been eroded to the point of crisis we currently find ourselves in.

Honourable Premier I urge you to show the leadership the people of the Province elected you to demonstrate in order to change their lives for the better. The future of innocent children is being recklessly dismantled by irresponsible trade unionism, cheap politicking and a general lack of concern from various leaders.

Sadly, most of the children affected by this crisis are Black. If it continues they will end up exactly the way apartheid architect, Hendrik Verwoerd wanted Black children to be – “hewers of wood and drawers of water”. We cannot afford to have this on our conscience and neither should you and your provincial executive council. It is unconscionable that a democratic government should allow an effective extension of the goals of apartheid under its watch.

I only request that the extent of the crisis in the Eastern Cape be given the attention it deserves through the full and comprehensive implementation of a Section 100 intervention so that critically needed capacity and resources might finally be deployed.

I also urge your provincial government to ask President Zuma to proclaim a comprehensive special investigation of the Department of Education in order to root out the corruption which sees taxpayers paying up to R25 (in some schools) for a loaf of brown bread as part of the school feeding scheme!

I respectfully ask that you respond to this email within the next week. I know you have a busy schedule and had up to now decided to trust that you would do something, but I cannot remain silent anymore.

As a citizen I also pledge myself to do my bit in assisting in the furtherance of our children’s education. 

Yours in education,

[Insert name]


5 thoughts on “Letter to Eastern Cape Premier regarding Education

  1. Thank you for this initiative, i’m intending to send this letter. On the president’s involvement he was asked to intervene, after meetings he wished the department luck and left. It amazes me that no one seems to do anything about the education crisis in the Eastern Cape. This link shares more light to the president’s visit. http://www.dispatch.co.za/news/article/1913

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